Underdogs Consulting understands the power of strategic communications with the public and even within the startup community because we owe our very existence to it. We started our journey by helping startups and tech companies to effectively promote themselves. Our team are all experts in media and tech industry and that's why we are able to ferment the conditions for a startup to grow via our professional services.

To this day, Idea Grove has earned virtually all of its clients organically - through PR, referrals and permission-based strategies. This approach to marketing is the core of who we are.


Underdogs Consulting exclusively focuses on startups and technology company clients. We have experience in Media and startup circles ranging from institutes to private individuals, radios to local and Southeast Asia Countries.

This domain expertise has enabled us to develop a highly specialized offering that spans all of the things we do. Our PR strategies encompass analyst relations, channel programs and thought leadership. Our social media approach focuses on reaching publics where they want to be found. And our inbound marketing strategies center on creating compelling, data-driven content that prospects just can't resist.


We can only do our best work if we always put our clients' goals first. That's why we align talented individuals into a team structure that is laser-focused on delivering results. We encourage and reward our team members for becoming better at what they do - from earning professional certifications to gaining in-depth knowledge of enterprise technologies.

In this way, our individual, team, and client interests become totally aligned. We better serve our clients by being better at being us.